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Helpful Geocaching Documents
Listed below are documents, job aids, links and webpages that may be helpful to geocachers. Most of these relate to assisting with developing cache pages or manipulating cache data.
Update Coordinates Here is a good Job Aid for updating your cache coordinates on the cache page, within the acceptable distance guidelines. To move a cache a distance that is outside of the acceptable range, requires a request to be submitted online to the reviewer.

 These replacement log sheets will help you save many hours of frustration whenever you find a cache that contains a messy wad of bad smelling paper that you don't even want to touch.  Or maybe it's just getting a little damp in there and you want to be a responsible geocacher.  Either way, you can easily download and print these different sized replacement logs to always carry with you when you go geocaching.  You will be a hero to the cache owner and to those who come along behind you.

Our replacement logs are perfectly sized for:
. 35mm film containers
. Generic Micro caches
. Bison tubes of all shapes and sizes
. Waterproof matchstick containers
. Prescription pill bottles
. Small size caches such as lock-n-locks
. Preformed Soda Bottle Tubes

Waterproof Matchstick Holder
Waterproof Matchstick Holder
Bison Tube
Bison Tube

Nano Replacement Log   PDF XLS   10 per page
 Micro Replacement Log  PDF XLS   7 per page front & back
 35mm Replacement Log  PDF  DOC  5 per page front & back
 Small DoubleSided Folding Replacement Log  PDF  DOC  1 per page
 Bison Tube Large (Scuba tank)Replacement Log  PDF  DOC  5 per page front & back
 Bison Tube Replacement Log  PDF  DOC  6 per page front & back
 Matchstick Replacement Log  PDF  DOC  3 per page front & back
 Pill Bottle Replacement Log  PDF  DOC  4 per page front & back
 Small Cache Multi Page Replacement Log  PDF  DOC  4 per page front & back